Vegetable Cooking Class HANANOUTENA


Vegetable Cooking Class HANANOUTENA


Suzuka Kouno
Neo Vegetarian® Cooking Leader
Raw Food Meister
Vegetable Cooking Expert

About Cooking Class:
*Vegetable Recipes of Each Country
 “Neo Vegetarian®” Recipes.
Raw Food Recipes.
*Vegan Recipes.
You can enjoy fresh vegetarian dish which added spice & herb from each country and Japanese traditional seasoning.

About Neo Vegetarian®  Recipes & Cooking:
“Neo vegetarian® recipes” are made by Erico Higashikawa who is extreme popular vegetarian cooking expert lives in Kyoto. She is teaching vegetarian cooking.
Neo vegetarian dishes are definitely colorful and delicious.

『Neo vegetarian®』Web site of Erico

Suzuka Kouno Profile:

When she was a child, She liked vegetables and vegetable dishes.
She did often vegetable cooking.
She thought that she would like to share about these vegetable recipes to make someone happy.
After she quitted a company which she worked, she was making textile works by oneself, and also she did agricultural work on the farm of her friend who runs organic farming.
She started writing vegetable dish recipe and she introduced it on the newsletter of the farm and her blog.
Then she began to hold a cooking class.
She made vegetable dishes to the event as her received offers.
As she felt that she need to study more about vegetable cooking, she learned raw food theory which is besd on the enzyme nutrition and Neo vegetarian® cooking which is besd on the macrobiotic method.
She learned these in each school.
She is qualified as a Neo Vegetarian® Cooking the highest leader and a raw food meister.
She is making her original raw cake that called Mandala raw cake.
People say that Mandala raw cake is beautiful and delicious.
She has been running HANANOUTENA since 2014.
Now she hold a cooking class at her house.
She try to provide people the essence to make fun dining which is more deliciously, safer, richer.


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